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I work with adolescents and adults dealing with the gamut of mental health issues, from substance abuse, schizophrenia, bipolar, trauma, anxiety, ADHD, depression, to situational factors arising as part of the human condition.

I am trained in traditional medicine but have expanded to integrate significant findings from Positive Psychology, resilience research, nutritional medicine, neuro-science, spirituality and mind-body medicine. I include a very thorough lifestyle and nutritional assessment and recommendations as part of our sessions. (Sometimes if things are imbalanced biologically, it makes it very tough to talk through ones issues. Both should  be addressed).

It's my belief we need to compassionately understand input and patterns from the past but at the same time reclaim our unique core attributes, identifying and moving toward our desires. Although humans often try to 'whip themselves into shape', we actually become much more successful when we learn to love ourselves into shape. Motivation is greatly enhanced when we are going somewhere rather than running from something. 

After over 40 years working both in-patient and out-patient, I don't hesitate to use my intuition along with tapping into the intuition of those I work with. Although I lead with my heart I am also a geek when it comes to staying current in the field of mental health; reading voraciously, constantly attending seminars and consulting with others. I am forward thinking and innovative; not afraid to swap outdated, sub-par models of care for those interventions which have proven efficacy. In this current age of 'The Brain', new data regarding what really helps emerges daily. We would be remiss not to incorporate these findings.

Above all, I've learned what works best from those I've worked with.
It is amazing to witness people's capacity to transform themselves, even given the worst of circumstances. I have the utmost respect for those I work with, believing they are the ones courageous enough to ultimately make the world a better place for all.

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