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You Can Get Well... You Have It In You.  

You're thinking about therapy, which means things have reached a point where you are no longer willing to suffer, or you are feeling strongly compelled to live life differently. Even though you might feel pretty lousy right now, please consider it a positive sign. Something in you knows things can be better. Symptoms are our body's way telling us to pay attention. 'Breaking down' is usually the preamble to 'breaking out' of patterns which no longer serve us. The fact that you are listening is a good thing.

Integrative therapy is an approach which combines multiple modalities to get you back in sync with yourself and actualizing your innate potential. It considers the whole person (biological, psychological, social, emotional and spiritual). It goes beyond treating symptoms with medications (on one end of the spectrum) or formulaic three-letter therapies (on the other). Instead it carefully considers the uniqueness of each individual, addressing such things as: root causes of biological imbalances, situational factors, learned thought and behavioral patterns, lifestyle issues, effects of trauma, spiritual perspectives and existential crises.

Providers of Integrative care have expertise in conventional medicine but have also broadened their training to address the newly emerging fields of positive psychology, nutritional medicine, psychoneuroimmunology, energy medicine, resilience models, etc.

Ultimately all effective therapy is tailored to the individual and their core strengths rather than automatically fitting each person into the 'latest and greatest' cure all. Healing is a partnership, with your input being the most critical factor.

I would be honored to help you become 'weller than well'. It is amazing to see what people are capable of.

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I am offering telemedicine sessions (through: if people are more comfortable with physical distancing during the next few weeks. If you do choose to come into the office, please be assured that all safety precautions will be met. Thank-you!

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